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PPS Deal is the sole distributor of DDK Purest X filter cartridges and The PurestOne™ in South East Asia (SEA). The PurestOne is manufactured in the USA by CDW Systems Inc, St Paul, MN USA.

Our company could have chosen to represent one of many water purifier brands from around the world but we chose The PurestOne™ for the following reasons:

Fact Benefit to the customer
Value for money. This is the lowest cost water purifier to operate.

More money back in you pocket!

Yearly filter change is also half the price of competitor’s. Even more money saving for you!

No wasted water means you are doing your part to save our environment!

Portability. It is small and compact thus takes up little space in the kitchen. Keeps the kitchen countertop neat and leaves space for other utensils.
Easy to install. Its DIY concept makes life easy for home owners. Saves money on installation, no extra, ugly water pipes. Save on plumbing fees.
Life time warranty. This means worry free for all our customers and us! No worries for life!
Independent laboratory tested and certified. Peace of mind for your family and loved ones.
Durable. Made from high-tech composite materials. Made to last so no extra expenses every few years

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