DDK Purest X Advanced Sub-Micron Cartridge TP-1


The DDK Purest X High-Performance Drinking Water Replacement Filter Cartridge with Advanced Sub-Micron Filtration Technology

  • The Best Value in High-Quality, High-Performance Replacement Purification Filter Cartridges Available!
  • Fits The PurestOne™ UC-1 & CT-1 Systems & General Ecology’s Seagull® IV X-1, X-1F, X-1B, X-1D & X-1P!
  • Completely Interchangeable with the General Ecology Seagull® IV RS-1SG, RS-1SG (CA) or RS-1SGH!
  • Advanced Matrix Flux Sub-Micron Filtration Technology Meets & Exceeds NSF SUB-MICRON Class I
  • Standards 42 & 53! * Rated at 0.4 – 0.1 Micron!
  • Removes Harmful Chemicals, Microorganisms & Heavy Metals from Tap, Lake, River or Well Water!
  • Made in the USA!
  • Note: You MUST Replace Your Filter Cartridge Every Year To Maintain Your PurestOne™ or Seagull® IV*
  • Drinking Water Filter System’s Effectiveness… EVEN IF YOUR WATER TASTES AND LOOKS GOOD! Do it Now and Do it for Less!