17 September 2017, Kuala Lumpur. Introducing the new DDK Purest X filter replacement cartridge for Seagull, PurestOne and Nature Pure X. This filter stands on the shoulders of the tried and true technology of its predecessor. It carries the same quality and performance of brands it is replacing.


1 September 2017, Kuala Lumpur. Our company is embarking on a new adventure and is importing our own brand of replacement water filter cartridges. It will carry the same technology, same manufacturing process, same quality and same great after sales service.

But we will still offer PurestOne products until we run out of stock; as will our agent in Thailand.


PurestOne™ Drinking Water Purification System

A Technologically Advanced ~ High-Quality ~

  • High-Performance ~ Compact Drinking Water Purification System
  • The PurestOne™ is the smart alternative to Seagull® IV and NaturePureX
  • Superior water purification
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 years guarantee!
  • Quantity discounts!
  • For All Homes, Condominiums, Apartments, Cabins, Boats & R V’s

No-tools-icon Lifetime-warranty-icon Low-maintenance-icon Made-in-USA-icon Minerals-icon No-smell-taste-icon

Tested and Proven According to EPA Protocol Meets & Exceeds NSF SUB-MICRON Class I Standards 42, 51 & 53

The PurestOne™ is a high quality, high-performance, compact drinking water system, made in the USA. The innovative, PurestOne™ System features advanced progressive-matrix, sub-micron filtration technology, elegant and compact design, ease of installation, superb value and a Full Lifetime Guarantee. The PurestOne™ TP-1 Replacement Filter Cartridge uses a patented, proprietary compound formula for superior effectiveness.


The PurestOne™ Drinking Water Purification System restores the natural good taste and purity to ordinary tap water by removing a vast range of undesirable contaminants, while simultaneously leaving in the beneficial dissolved minerals.

Hook-up is a breeze with the supplied fittings, tubing, faucet and complete instruction guide. Applications range from home, condominium, apartment and cabin kitchens to boat and recreational vehicle galleys.

Video: How to easily change your PurestOne Replacement Filter Cartridge

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DDK Purest X Filters Dirt Effectively Same as The PurestOne Replacement Cartridge